Let us lead you to your digital future

At savotex, we’re more than just experts in digitalising and automating processes – we can also lead you to your digital future.
It’s not just about making old stuff clickable, but about understanding the underlying problems so we can offer you customised and sustainable solutions.
Depending on your requirements, we support you with advice, development and technology to help you achieve your perfect set-up. At all times, doing instead of just talking is our motto – so we can offer you initial solutions ready for testing soon after the project starts. Hands-on wherever possible, strategically planned wherever necessary – that’s us.
We aim to maximize your return on investment and to strengthen the resilience of your company – so that you will always be able to act and compete in the future.
Savotex consists of three core areas
Highly rated consulting services and project management
We work systematically, examine tasks and aim to understand exactly what your underlying problems are. Together, we develop innovative solutions and select the appropriate software.
Software development with focus on seamless process integration
If you have complex tasks, then you’re are in good hands with us. Our team is characterized by its love of technical challenges and its focus on seamless process integration.
IT – the basis for successful performance, security and data protection
Our technology specialists not only ensure the performance of your systems, but also their security and compliance with data protection regulations. Accordingly, we are of course ISO 27001 certified.
Out-of-the-box solutions for your success
AI Workshop
Game Changer Artificial Intelligence. Now what? Let us show you how you can use AI for your business model.
ChatGPT Connector
The future is now! Benefit from the game changer that is AI – seamlessly integrated into censhare.
Retresco Connector
The future of e-commerce: fully automated product descriptions through the power of AI.
DeepL Connector
Fast, fully automated translations integrated into censhare with the world’s best machine AI from DeepL.
Slide Connector
Get your PowerPoint madness under control.
Akeneo Connector
Synchronize your Akeneo data quickly and securely with our Install & Sync Connector for censhare.
Philipp LübeckManagement - VBS Hobby
"Like a composer knows his orchestra"
The Savotex team is well familiar with all the functions of censhare and knows exactly how to use them. Flexible and powerful: censhare as software and Savotex as partner.
censhare + Savotex + VBS = POWER
Dustin GrundContent Manager Digital Marketing - MEDICE Arzneimittel
"A new interpretation of efficiency."
Thanks to various implementations in censhare, we achieve significant increases in the efficiency of approval cycles throughout the content creation process, which, in addition to an integrated history, also leads to impressive time savings.
With savotex, we experience professional software consulting which is characterized by open communication and transparent collaboration.
Detlef RankDirector Consultant Management - RATIONAL AG
"The cooperation during the development was outstanding!"
Our ideas were brilliantly implemented and enhanced with excellent ideas for intuitive user guidance.
We rely on savotex as a trustworthy partner and guide through the jungle of technical platforms and data hosting.
Navina HessanTeam Leader Purchasing E-shop - Kienast Schuhhandel
"10,000 product descriptions at the push of a button"
Savotex’s Retresco Connector enabled us to generate over 10,000 product descriptions for our web store simply at the push of a button.
Manually, we’d never have been able to handle such a major task.
Philipp MetzenIT Application Management - RATIONAL AG
"For complex projects, we count on savotex."
The efficient management of data streams from SAP ERP and Oracle Agile PLM plays a crucial role in our eCommerce project.
Thanks to the collaboratively developed information hub, we can guarantee the required level of detail of product information for the SAP Commerce Cloud.
Michael SchwersPurchasing Manager/Authorized Signatory - VBS Hobby
"Optimize the quality of thousands of product texts simply at the push of a button."
With the new AI integration based on OpenAI, we can optimize the quality of thousands of product texts simply by pushing a button.
Matthias KlautkeManagement and Consulting
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